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Going on Hiatus

by Nikkoleon on 21st Jul 2017, 4:48 PM

6 Ways to Go Missing and Trust Us We're Professionals will be going on hiatus.
I'm doing this because I am fully gearing all of my attention to My Past Your Future. The two comics don't have much of a fan base at the time and they really do take a lot of my extra time up as well, so they'll be on the back burner for a little while.

Back when I first started the other two projects, my artistic situation was quite different, but now, I want to put more into my main comic. I won't be abandoning these stories for good, so no worries. I do plan to get back to them someday, especially TUWP.

So today's TUWP's update will be the last for a while and 6WTGM will also not be updating for a while. I'll be posting this on their sites as well.

Thanks for reading and understanding!

June Hiatus

by Nikkoleon on 31st May 2017, 3:11 PM

Just in case anyone missed it, all of my comics are going to be on a hiatus for the month of June do to my husband and I moving! I will make sure that I have at least one page for each comic ready to update at the start of July, however!
Patreon will get these pages as soon as they're done instead of having to wait until July!